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The Outspan Hotel, Nyeri, Kenya
A painting by Robert Baden-Powell
From Birds and Beasts in Africa, 1938

link-bp-nyeri.jpg (3098 bytes) Paintings from Baden-Powell, Birds and Beasts in Africa, 1938. A collection of stories about B-P's home in Nyeri, the book is illlustrated with a series of wonderful paintings of scenes in and around the B-P's home at Paxtu.
link-paintings.jpg (3370 bytes) Paintings by Baden-Powell. B-P was an accomplished artist and most of his published works are illustrated with his own drawings and in some case, color plates from his paintings. His notebooks, diaries, journals and letters are reported to be filled with pen and ink drawings, and both pencil and water-color sketches. Here is a small collection of illustrations of his water-color paintings from illustrations in a variety of sources.

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