1937-nj1-jamboree-patch-header.jpg (20293 bytes) 1st National Jamboree
Boy Scouts of America
The Presidential Review

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James E. West, Daniel Carter Beard, Howard Gillette and Arthur A. Schuck with
the President's Review Party.

Boy Scouts of America, The National
and World Jamboree in Pictures
, 1937
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link-1937-nj1.jpg (2557 bytes) 1st National Jamboree
Jamboree Photo Gallery
link-1937-nj1.jpg (2557 bytes) Home Page of the 1st National Jamboree
Boy Scouts of America
Washington, D. C., 1937
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
Baden-Powell at the World Jamborees
Links to the World Jamborees, 1920-1937
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