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American Scouts at the 3rd World Jamboree

THE SCOUT JAMBOREE BOOK: American Scouts at the 3rd World Jamboree written "by fifteen Boy Scouts from whose stories this book was taken."  Edited with a by James E. West, Chief Scout Executive.


I take great pleasure in presenting this straightforward narrative of an epoch-making event. The World jamboree was a thrilling adventure. Fortunate were those who could take part in it. But, their number was all too few. For every boy that attended, thousands were obliged to stay at home.

To those boys who could not go, this book will reveal, page by page, the great jamboree adventure. The thrills, the color, the events of the camp, above all, the high idealism of that great occasion, come to life again in these pages. The Scouts of more than seventy different lands march before you in their national uniforms. You will make a trip around the world in your armchair.

This is a boys' book, written by boys for boys. The adventure flows along as easily as if you were talking face to face with the 15 Scouts who tell the story. Through the courtesy of our Honorary Scout, Mr. George Palmer Putnam, G. P. Putnam's Sons offered to publish a book written entirely by boys. Nearly 100 manuscripts were submitted, all of a high degree of excellence. Fifteen narratives were selected for their outstanding qualities. Each boy had been urged to write about whatever feature of the jamboree had most impressed him. The result was a series of vivid accounts. These accounts have been arranged by the editor so that the entire story proceeds in chronological order. The narrative of one writer may be followed by the account of another, to be succeeded in turn by a third, when the first resumes the story. But the narrative forms a consecutive story with no break, from the time of the selection of the jamboree candidates until the conclusion of the adventure and the voyage home.

In order not to retard the story, it has been thought best to include only short quotations from official addresses in the text. The complete addresses together with a list of countries represented at the Jamboree, a list of Jamboree officials, and a day by day outline of the program will be found in the Appendix.

The 15 Scouts whose manuscripts have been used in the making of this narrative are: Mark J. Brockbank, Spanish Fork, Utah; James E. Bassett, Jr., Larchmont, New York; Newell Richard Bush, Cincinnati, Ohio; Max Gilstrap, Ardmore, Okla.; Edward B. Pratt, Mamaroneck, New York; Herman Herbert, Roslyn, L. I., New York; Alden C. Paine, New Rochelle , New York; Frederic Ten Eyck, Austin, Minn.; Roswell Howard, Osinego, Ill.; Eugene E. Crawford, Chicago, Ill.; Frank Gast, Buffalo, New York; David R. Martin, Jr., Austin, Minn.; Kenneth Ruble, Minneapolis, Minn.; Norman E. Larson, Ludlow, Penna.; W. L. Brady, Atlanta, Ga.

This is the type of adventure story that attracts all boys. It shows Scouting as it is, carried on by thousands of Scouts the world over, and exemplifies the finest principles of the Scout Oath and Law.

Chief Scout Executive

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Chapter I. Off for the Big Adventure.
Chapter II. March of the 50,000.
Chapter III. Mud and Swaps.
Chapter IV. Around the World in One Day.
Chapter V. The Prince of Wales.
Chapter VI. An International Party.
Chapter VII. Jamboree Excursions.
Chapter VIII. Last Days.
Chapter IX. Post Jamboree Touring
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link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) The World Jamboree of Boy Scouts, 1929
From the pages of The Times of London
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) Canada's Scouts at the World Jamboree 1929. The story of the Canadian Contingent's experiences at Arrowe Park from the Report to the Governor-General and Chief Scout for Canada (Courtesy of Kevin Snair, Nova Scotia, Canada)
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) King George V's Message delivered by the Prince of Wales, August 2nd, 1929
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) The Duke of Connaught's address, Wednesday, July 31st, 1929
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) The Prince of Wales' address, Friday, August 2nd, 1929
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) The Archbishop of Canterbury's address at the Service of Thanksgiving,
Sunday, August 4th, 1929, "A SOLDIER'S DREAM"
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) The Chief Scout's Closing Address, August 12, 1929
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
3rd World Jamboree, Arrowe Park, England, 1929
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Photos from the 3rd World Jamboree

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